Girl Five (terracinque) wrote in catsuits,
Girl Five

Catsuit cosplay.

I recently cosplayed Selene, the vampire from the Underworld movies, who of course wears a catsuit.

Don't worry, they aren't loaded!

The guy who took this swears he wasn't trying for an ass-shot. Uh-huh.

Are you lookin' at me?

Hope y'all enjoy these! The catsuit is vinyl, and I got it from It's very snug, but comfortable everywhere but at my wrists, where it's a little too tight. I stuffed a Coke bottle into each sleeve cuff to try to stretch them out a little for next time.
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Awesome outfit. I dont remember much about Underworld but how did you get the corset to look exact or was it a custom order?

An eBay store called Alter Ego Erotics makes the corsets and the wrist cuffs. I wasn't wearing the wrist cuffs because my forearms are too big for the ones she sent me. She's making me replacements in a custom size but I don't have them yet.
I oculd have sworn that catsuit was latex, nice shine on it :)
I am not familiar with that film I’m afraid. I do like your outfit though. Thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous catsuit, gorgeous photos, have you seen lycra_lovers There's a photo on there you might like.
1. nice corset and catsuit.

2. trigger discipline. :P

3. Doesn't that convention have a "peace bonding" policy? At the one con I go to any more, the weapons policy is quite firm about brandishing. People can't tell the difference between fake funs and real guns, and those of who are intimately familiar with guns tend to freak out when people point them at us. I'm just saying it's a bad idea to take them out of the holsters in public spaces, and at many conventions, doing so can get you evicted. Food for thought.

Anyway, you looked good. :)
They aren't real guns, they'd been peace-bonded by Security, and I was careful where I drew them.



October 11 2007, 21:28:28 UTC 9 years ago

Hi, I've been searching the internet for weeks trying to find a Selene costume. I came across your page in my search, and I'm so excited! You look awesome in that outfit. Just wanted to let you know that you helped a stranger... :-)
You're welcome! Happy to've helped! You must come back here with photos once you've put your costume together!
Thanks so much for posting with the link! I found the corset on ebay which I'm already saving up for, but I couldn't find the vinyl outfit anywhere. This really saves me more searching and will make my significant other very happy. :)
Oh btw, where did you find the gun holsters?
They came with the guns, which I bought here.
Thanks! I know I came across that site too, I just forgot to bookmark it. :)